by Antti Nissilä

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Chamber music and solo works
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Solo songs (classical, semi-classical)
Dina ögon
lyrics by Kerstin Söderholm
Hiihtotaivas  YouTube
lyrics by Antti Nissilä
Hiljainen Gloria YouTube
lyrics by Antti Nissilä
version with orchestra
version with piano
Jungle Book Songs 
for bass-barytone voice and concert band - grade 4
lyrics by Rudyard Kipling
Morning Call YouTube 
Song Against People
Laulun lapsi  YouTube
lyrics by Eino Leino
version for baritone and woodwinds
version with piano
version for solo voice and piano/organ
on poems by Kari Hotakainen
for middle range voice, cello & piano
(also a version with viola)
Tätä menoa
Keskellä kesää, tammikuussa
Pater Noster  YouTube
for low or middle range voice and organ
2018 version for barytone, mixed choir and piano quartet
2000 version for solo voice and piano (or organ)
High voice
MIddle range voice
Low voice
Songs on poems by Aaro Hellaakoski
...ellet löytäisi mitään... 
Salomaa YouTube
- - -
(version for voice and guitar)
Songs on poems by  Oiva Paloheimo
Songs on poems by Pär Lagerkvist
När du ler 
Du er visst lycklig
Ingenting får störa
Saliga väntan 
Still Songs
for middle range voice, piano and strings
The Artist YouTube
lyrics by Walter Alexander Raleigh
If Truth  YouTube
lyrics by A.E. Housman
When I Was in Love  YouTube
lyrics by A.E. Housman