by Antti Nissilä

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Chamber music and solo works
Concert band * Wind band with beat 

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Chamber music and solo works
for string quartet (or string ensemble)
commissioned by Kari Koort
for violin and piano
commissioned by Ylä-Satakunta Music School
for flute, harp and two percussionists
digital publication under construction
Front Nine  YouTube
for piano
dedicated to Janne Hovi
Gehet hin in Frieden 
for organ
dedicated to Mandi and Tuomo Lammi
Intrada YouTube
for organ
for viola and cello
for accordion, percussion and strings
published by Finnish Accordion Institute
Scena e cavatina YouTube
for alto saxophone and piano
dedicated to Juha-Matti Katajamäki
Space Between Us 
for viola and piano
for cello and piano
Still YouTube 
for cello and piano
published by A-Minor Production
for accordion, bass clarinet, marimba and strings
commissioned by CIA (Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes)
dedicated to Kimmo Mattila