barytone / composer

Antti Nissilä

Hopping from genre to genre as a composer, singer and conductor.

After early music school years, with viola and piano as his first instruments, Antti Nissilä began his studies in composition at the Youth Department of Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. He completed his education with three degrees in music (teacher of music theory 1996, vocal teacher 1997, composer 2008) at Tampere Conservatoire and UAS.

As a composer Antti Nissilä has written commissioned works for orchestras (ao. Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra), stage productions (two chamber operas, song plays), choirs, bands and solo artists. Music for wind ensembles has an important role in his composer's catalogue, and his music is frequently played by numerous junior and amateur bands as well as professional ensembles.

Antti Nissilä has appeared in barytone roles at Tampere Opera and other venues in Finland, and as a soloist in large scale concert performances with choirs and orchestras. He has also worked as an opera choir master at Ilmajoki Music Festival and conducted orchestras, bands and vocal ensembles.

In years 2015-2021 Nissilä was employed by the town of Hammerfest in Northern Norway as a singer, vocal teacher and conductor. His duties also included the artistic direction of Hammerfest Storband (big band) and the wind band of Hammerfest Musikforening.

“ - - heavily influenced by rhythmic music, but anchored in the more classical idiom as well - -. Nissilä showed a distinct mastery of the orchestra apparatus - -.”

Finland's leading Swedish language newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet on Ongang for symphony orchestra, performed by Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra (translated from Swedish)
”It is interesting, that Nissilä is a composer as well. The character of his baritone varied throughout the evening. At times, his voice sounded like a high lyric baritone, but on the other hand there was metallic power in it, too.”

Finland's leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat on an appearance in the role of Don Giovanni (translated from Finnish)